Managing and Viewing your Cue Points in Choones

1. In the Music tab of Choones select a song you want to manage Cue Points for

2. Click on the song to be able to view it in the player

3. Open the Player by clicking the name of the song at the bottom of Choones

4. The currently playing song will show all of the Cue Points in the section below the waveform

5. To add a new Cue Point, go to the point in the track where you want a Cue and click the Add Cue button

6. Enter a name for the new Cue Point and click Save

7. The new Cue Point will now show on the waveform

8. To delete a Cue Point, right click on an existing Cue Point and click Delete. Confirm this by clicking Delete again and the Cue has now been removed from the track

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